Indigo Riot

The Indigo Traveller
1:9:9:0 Path NO/5

I have created this site to journal my life battles toward my reach for nirvana. From a child , communication by speech had led me to frustration and solitary a fear most undesirable. I found therapy within countless diaries.
Noting my deepest and darkest thoughts , my pain , my passion.

My love for fashion has also been an expression I found comfort. I’am ambitious to one day sit amongst fashions greatest , and of course cause a little ruckus in between the norm.
Power is influence , and with only gold intentions to share the freedom of originality , I know I’ll make it. Leaving no man behind.

I feel grateful to always know what I wanted out of life and who I wanted
to become. A girl can only dream from the dress up corner in Kindergarten to one day become a industry icon .

Not always knowing how to get there was instead the issue. Staying focused.

Sharing creativity and gaining knowledge from all facets of life
appeals strongly to my view on fulfilling a successful life.

Iam forever seeking new business ventures and fashion collaborations.
Feel free to get in contact to discuss anything in relation. We are the dream team , the new age with purpose to express.

Eccentric Opinions
Fashionably sensed
Loud and proud
Individually expressive
Future for fame
Diamonds and Gold
Tattoos forever , forever tattoos.

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