The Riot Still Burns Blue.

What seems like a poetic disaster
Is all but very realistic , although between waves of empathy and courage.

During my most significant life changes, I am reminded of my strengths and of course my surrendered weakness. As the past has proved foolish , my perception is challenged.

Without blame or regret I accept my mistakes and vulnerability. I forgive others for innocent confusion and question.

To come to such understanding of truth and value , you must experience the worst of it. In a colourful variety life shows us valuable lessons with sometimes a costly outcome.

As we journey through crucial periods of our most painful moments those who survive are those who learn. However finding the answers can be a scary turning point in which rapidly
effect the deciding mentality to your survival ….or escape.

In such angst and fear for reasoning I’ve cried deep , on the border or irrational actions , straining
my memories and emotions for an explanation. Reaching out to a sympathetic shoulder while consumed
in such grief I found easily led me to become selfishly misguided, quick without realisation.

In loosing what was never expected , I
won the choice of fate.

To progress ?
To find purpose ?
To find Identity ?

I believe we are forever tested with fate , especially with temptation , unknowingly repeating these innocent mistakes causing pain amongst ourselves and those we love.

Only in acknowledgement of the universal challenges did I find a sense of stability and a content faith and receiving answers . As time can be a brutal battle , taking eye to the significant changes from a positive aspect became my current lifeline. And really … The only one.

Looking at what meaning I felt my true existence was necessary , I found my passion, useful qualities, and the
power of influence. The desire to rewrite the manipulated concepts in which fool our eager souls.
The opportunity to share my most knowledgable experience, for a dramatic change toward a happier humanity … The recipe was
in my hands.

For once something made so much sense. A euphoric fulfilment . Of course it sounds magnificent , a gift so rare so pure ,but the depth of travelling by your purpose trail is a sacrifice within itself. Nothing is given without option or consequence.

Everything happens in guidance
for your destiny, the end results lies beneath your darkest fears , stripped emotions , loss of self worth and finding true intention within your actions.

As my journey prevails my goals become closer . My Knowledge becomes wiser and my perception forms in true site . Finally a inch closer to trusting my longest standing enemy…

With many lessons to endeavour and cards to be dealt, I stand confident , although without promise, to fight for
ones without choice or freedom. We are the creators of our glory and the destroyers of our hope.

The Riot for equality, security and peace will be a force undefeatable. The world is our wonderland.

Kortni Portia
Inidgo Riot
Since 1990.