My Inner Edie


Edie Sedgwick , a lost soul with such a magnetising beauty .
From the day I first watched Factory Girl I uncontrollably became
somewhat obsessed. I found many relatable emotions within the lifestyle she lived and strived.

My connection was strong and somehow comforting. Edie’s struggle with tuning her ambition toward success was a battle trapped within a costly influence.

The price of fame was at a high expenses, led by false promises and manipulation of another’s insecurity. Blinded by her need for companionship and trust in good intentions. Once introduced to a world with no limits and a surrounding of others so open minded by drugs the temptation was so easily accepted. As confidence grew while using and her dreams seemed so reachable her dependence was then fuelled by her passion to succeed.

Her emotion became stronger than logic , the enjoyment of freedom to create fantasy was an addiction. Edie will forever be remembered not only for her suffering and mislead choices , but her courage and determination.
A lover who was only victim to her partner in crime but so much more than a pretty face.

The eyes of a thousand words and feelings , a desire for acceptance and reassurance of her worth….

And no longer is that needed . A legacy left behind so elegant and pure.
With style so graceful yet powerful, you will forever live as an icon. My inspiration to force through the struggles of life , and leave behind lessons within ones journey.

We love you Edie.
Indigo riot

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