The Time Traveller

imageThe exposure was in such clear vision

With painful decisions Discovered False prescriptions

With questionable restrictions

Battled fact against fiction She found her knowledge was but tainted

Discriminated & Fabricated

Her passion for video games No longer served her illusion

It wasn’t all as it seemed The monsters infused her confusion

As her fantasies craved reality

Come an invitation to the answers

With a price of consequence

Dealt a freedom without chances

Possibility expanded She found the words between the lines

With purpose to her time Her journey was to be defined Her wings would grow

As her tears cried transformation

Proved an identity by destiny

To a heavenly creation

The power became a forceful passion

Becoming a saviour towards one movement

Led in goodwill rewarding happiness And a final chance to improve it

Her spirit spoke loud With a voice of such certainty

The finding of her purpose shined Victim to vanity became her clarity

“I came from a land .. Alice nor I know where , Only seeing from all dimensions And to redeem what’s not repaired , The monsters walk within our comfort

To stop us flying free Yet the stars with blood of purity To a trust our inner loyalty” The Star Children

-Indigo Riot Kortni Portia