“Yves Saint Laurent” a character as some remember, an icon , a genius
a frail soul, and addict.

Battling doubts of self worth and anxious instability , Yves life wasn’t all glamour and fame that many used to envy. After leaving the Dior house things started to take rapid changes. Just as vulnerability began to seep through his fragile unhappiness , a new found love sparked a universe of options …opening hope to his lost eyes behind the recognisable thick black glasses.

After building an interesting reputation , Yves decided to execute his passion in ways like never before. The electric bond between Yves and new attraction Pierre Berge was about to shake the industry. Berge invested in Yves undeniable talent , however taking his weaknesses along too.

Stardom arrived quickly with Yves Saint Laurent exploding with a controversial bang. Releasing a collection , also known as “the sixties revolution” attracted attention good and bad , sky rocketing international success.

Facing daily insecurities and demanding expectations ,the toll became straining to the business. Alcohol , acid and cocain to name a few , were just some substances Yves began to confide in. What was once romance shared with Berge became toxic causing erratic tension which usually resulted in violent rows.

Years of fame , struggle and the longing for inner satisfaction was chipping away at Yves confidence. Sadly in 2001 things took a turn for the worst as he was diagnosed with terminal brain cancer. In 2008 the journey of Yves Saint Laurent had officially died .

The legacy of Yves dedication will be forever remembered in the history of couture fashion. A misunderstood man with an eye for indifference and creative expression left the industry stripped of yet another magnificent artist.

Take a trip back to a scandalas era inspired by fashions finest and look out for the new film soon to be released “Yves Saint Laurent ” March 21st , France.


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