The Passion Or The Irrational

In the new age today we battle In younger generations as decades Pass us.. We struggle with warrior spirit We are isolated from society For our passion in what we feel Our intuition… Continue reading

The Sacrifice -Decode

How did we get here I used to know you so well How did we get here I think I know …. The truth is hiding in your eyes And it’s hanging off… Continue reading

The Sound Of Silence. The Dalilah Violet

During the journey of self pity The prophets spoke of wisdom Only bleeding ears heard such comfort Definition of the light inside your intuition. Illumination of the darkest calculations Now added to the… Continue reading

The Riot Still Burns Blue.

What seems like a poetic disaster Is all but very realistic , although between waves of empathy and courage. During my most significant life changes, I am reminded of my strengths and of… Continue reading

My Inner Edie

Edie Sedgwick , a lost soul with such a magnetising beauty . From the day I first watched Factory Girl I uncontrollably became somewhat obsessed. I found many relatable emotions within the lifestyle… Continue reading

Acceptance Of The 6.

The day I chose to seek the truth , confirm my self doubt and face my darkest insecurities. The harsh reality of selfishness one can possess is in some ways uncomprehendable. As we… Continue reading

The Time Traveller

The exposure was in such clear vision With painful decisions Discovered False prescriptions With questionable restrictions Battled fact against fiction She found her knowledge was but tainted Discriminated & Fabricated Her passion for… Continue reading


“Yves Saint Laurent” a character as some remember, an icon , a genius a frail soul, and addict. Battling doubts of self worth and anxious instability , Yves life wasn’t all glamour and… Continue reading

“The Terrace Hotel”

“The Terrace Hotel” Vintage Inspired Shoot The most recent styling editorial was a Vintage inspired hotel photo shoot. As I had full choice of all looks and timeless eras my mind ran wild… Continue reading

Updates and collaborations !

So it’s been a long time since posting ! It’s been a busy couple of months for me but I’m definitely back on track to give you all something to read 🙂 I… Continue reading